Pool Solutions, Inc. offers a vast array of repair, remodeling and maintenance services.

With 25 years of combined industry experience, our skilled technicians help you eliminate the hassle and guesswork. Our clients trust us to provide first-rate service, superior supplies and fast, proven solutions.

Residential Pool Services

We take every aspect of our business very serious. But keeping your water features clean and running smooth is our mainstay. During each visit, we make certain the water is as clean, comfortable and safe as it can be. Our trained crews don't take their jobs lightly, and are extremely picky. Your swimming pool and hot tub is cleaned from top to bottom, and everything in between. The Pool Solutions staff is equipped to evaluate the water chemistry and perform necessary chemical adjustments. Our team members are well versed in the operation of pools and hot tubs. They are trained in the handling of hazardous materials, and posses excellent diagnostic skills. While on your property, we troubleshoot for potential problems and safety concerns. Pool Solutions always focuses on detail and inspects every facet.

At Pool Solutions, our biggest fear is..."The Dreaded Complaint". We lose sleep thinking about complaints. We don't like them and don't want them lurking around. And we can don't want them either! Through the years, we have perfected our cleaning process and our proven formula allows us both to sleep at night.

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Commercial Pool Services

The centerpiece of any hotel or residential complex is the swimming pool. Pool Solutions specializes in keeping commercial pools sparkling, attractive and safe. The attention to detail doesn't end with what the public sees, it continues behind the scenes. The equipment area is clean and orderly and the system is inspected daily. Through the years we have developed a positive rapport with the Health Department, and strive to exceed their requirements. A fast response is critical in the pool industry. Should unexpected repairs or emergencies arise, we will be there when you need us.

Take the guesswork out of your day. Make one phone call for unbeatable service, prices and free consultations.

With Pool Solutions managing your commercial pool, your patrons will be happy, and so will you!

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Year Round Pool & Hot Tub Maintenance

Just like everything, pool and hot tub equipment breaks. It's similar to a light bulb, you never know when it will burn out. But when it does, you need it taken care of. At Pool Solutions we are ready to help. By aligning ourselves with the industries top suppliers, we've gained the strength and knowledge to handle your needs. Whether it's a routine repair or new installation, you can expect a quick, simple and affordable solution. We don't claim to know everything, we learn new and innovative techniques everyday. But we do profess, if it's related to your pool or hot tub, we've got you covered.

Needless to say, it's backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Spa Service & Sales

From routine cleaning to extensive repairs, Pool Solutions can fix any spa, regardless of brand or problem. Our field technicians have many years of training and diagnostic experience. It's safe to say, there is no problem that we haven't seen or repaired. We stock the most common replacement parts, so your hot tub will be running in no time.

Spa cleaning and efficient repair is just the beginning. By offering a complete line of spa covers and accessories, you'll quickly discover that Pool Solutions is your one stop solution.

If your looking for a new hot tub, Pool Solutions can help. We have made arrangements with several leading spa manufactures. This agreement allows us offer durable, feature packed hot tubs at incredible savings. We invite you to shop our competition. But before you buy, give us try! It might save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

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Vinyl Liner Repair & Replacement

Sooner or later, your swimming pool's liner will need some attention. Most manufacturers agree, a vinyl liner should last about 15 years. Of course, this estimate is in a perfect world. The life span of your liner is decreased by numerous factors. Everything from improper water balance, bather load and neglect have dramatic effects on your pool liner.

If it is time to replace your liner, please give Pool Solutions a call. Every pool is unique and its measurements differ. Don't be lured by companies offering 'Stock Liners'. These liners are normally cut short, and need to be stretched into position. This stretching compromises the structural integrity of the material. We employ a double measurement system to ensure a perfect fit, with no wrinkles!

From small rips or tears, to complete liner replacement, you can expect straight answers and flexible solutions. The process is easy on you and your wallet.

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Pool and Hot Tub Equipment Upgrades

In today's world, new advancements happen almost daily. The pool and spa industry is no exception. At Pool Solutions, we are very aggressive at monitoring the industry. We exhaust our resources and devote many hours towards research. It's all in an effort, to bring you the most durable, cost effective products on the market. The array of new and exciting products is almost endless....

  • Energy Saving Pumps and Motors
  • Eco-Friendly Heaters
  • Chemical Free Pools
  • Digital Lighting
  • Alternative Sanitation and so much more!

If you've been looking to upgrade your pool or hot tub, but aren't sure where to start... Give Pool Solutions a try. We've already done the legwork on the products. We'll gladly pass along our knowledge, and offer unbiased solutions and free advice. You can put your mind at ease, because your backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Pool Renovations

Want a new look? Pool Solutions can bring back the sparkle. From cosmetic touch ups, liner replacements or complete renovations, we can do wonders. We provide solutions for concrete, fiberglass and vinyl liner pools. Don't be ashamed, advice and estimates are free.

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Pool Safety Covers

A swimming pool safety cover serves several purposes. The cover protects your your family, pets and unwanted debris from entering the pool. Swimming Pools are a world of fun. Sometimes we have so much fun, we overlook the potential dangers.

Other pool companies have a history of installing safety covers that were not made to the pools specifications. This practice voids the manufactures warranty and puts safety in jeopardy.

At Pool Solutions, we'll measure your pool and have the cover custom designed for a perfect fit. Your new cover is made with the finest safety mesh and vinyl materials. You can depend on a strong, durable and safe pool cover. All covers are backed by an exceptional warranty and available in a choice of colors. When you choose Pool Solutions to install your safety cover, you'll have the best protection available.

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Underwater Pool Repairs

Underwater swimming pool repair saves precious time and money. You will not only save on the cost of refilling the pool, but the chemicals required to balance the water chemistry. Most underwater repairs can be completed in hours, not days.

It makes no difference what type of pool you have, Pool Solutions handles a variety of underwater problems. If your pool has developed cracks, blisters or unsightly stains, don't worry.

Perhaps you are concerned about your pool main drain, with respect to the Virginia Graham Baker Safety Act. We will evaluate your current main drain system and advise you on the proper solution.

Through common sense and common values, you'll be enjoying your pool in no time.

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Inspections and Consultation

Swimming pools and hot tubs are highly specialized, complex components of any home.

Each has it's own structure, utilities and associated systems. According to the National Association of Realtors, a properly maintained swimming pool can add considerable value to a home. The key is properly maintained. Anything less, the added value quickly evaporates. The potential of extensive pool repairs can be a determining factor in the sale of a home.

A thorough inspection accompanied by a written evaluation can eliminate the swimming pool or hot tub question mark.

The Our non-evasive survey encompasses more than just the pool or hot tub. While the pool inspection is extensive and detailed, other features like decking, safety features and fencing are examined. Of course, in our area pools and hot tubs are not open year round. In fact, some pools are covered five months or more. We still can evaluate the integrity of the pool, provided the cover is removed and the water is clear.

You can rely on expert, impartial evaluations with no hidden agenda. You will be provided with a written report, not a checklist. The detailed inspection will include pictures and recommendations where applicable.

Don't let the mystery of the swimming pool become a determining factor in your real estate transaction.

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Pool School

In this day and age, everyone needs a little help from time to time. At Pool Solutions were glad to lend a helping hand. We'll teach you how to care for your pool or hot tub....FREE!

With a hands on approach, you'll learn how to properly maintain and self diagnose your pool. We'll show you how to shorten your workload and avoid costly mistakes. You can expect unbiased solutions, advice and consultation. We'll assess the safety, life span and efficiency of your system. It's the perfect solution for anyone who doesn't know where to start.

Don't be shy, give us a try! Together, we'll make your pool or hot tub healthier and more enjoyable.

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